5 Important SEO Tips

SEO has boosted the sale of many goods and services making it a sensational to most business people. Over the years, SEO has become a key marketing strategy to most people who are looking forward to increasing the sales of their brands.

According to a study conducted by National Retail Federation, search marketing techniques including SEO was the most effective method of getting new customers in the year 2014. However, this has not changed since the search engines are gaining popularity and becoming more dependent on marketing commodities.

Also, most people who are looking to book travel mainly depends on internet searching according to data released by Coronation IM on Twitter. This shows that organic search is the key to starting points of many brands to put their products and services to their target customers helping them to sell. Were it not for organic search; minimal returns could be realized making it hard for entrepreneurs to do business.

BrightEdge also conducted a study about organic search, and it came to a conclusion that SEO influences revenue in most of the industries which were analyzed. The organic search affects over 51% of the industries and hence more than a half of the economy.

Here are 5 SEO methods every marketer should engage in:

Map your strategy to audience and competitive insight

Mostly, SEO focuses on keywords to be able to market a brand. Since keyword data has been lost in Google Analytics as well as in SEO, technicians have started merging traditional marketing concepts into SEO discipline to get a new approach to getting audiences.

Therefore, to make SEO successful in marketing, we have to get the topics which have the highest demand and pair them with the market to have high traffic. Also, focusing on what the customers need at that time is of great importance because it will sell faster because it has a high demand at the time. After that, we try to understand the competition of the topics that have a high demand to have a background knowledge of how marketing is proceeding.

Therefore, finding quantitative data is very important for SEO for the following reasons:
• It can help in identification of new ways to handle adjacent markets
• Helps to discover new keywords which can be used in marketing

• Shows where competition is stiff and offers suggestions where you can market in
• With all the data, you can have technical, analytical and traditional marketing techniques all incorporated
• The data can help you know the type of content which can perform better

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Align your content and SEO team

For your SEO services to be great, you should have great content for your audience and future clients. As discussed above, good content aligns with what the user is looking for and hence gets motivated to get your brand. Most business people focuses on using blog posts and web content to market what they are selling. One important aspect of content marketing is user experience and quality of content. With the two, you can be able to have high traffic and consequently high sales since you can offer what your clients are looking for.

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Make mobile SEO a priority

When it comes to content marketing, creating a mobile site should be the core of your SEO plan. The reason behind this is that most people today spend most of their time on their mobile phones and tablets than their computers. Therefore, it is very easy for you to advertise your brand using a mobile site since it’s friendly and can be accessed easily using a smart phone. However, mobile configuration is one shortcoming of mobile sites because they may not configure with all mobile phones. Also, Google recommends the use of responsive design to improve the user experience. Hence, you should find the best hybrid approach to use in your marketing.

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Find a working measurement and reporting

Having marketers who have analytical skills is a key factor to know how your business is doing and maybe plan for our future move. Some businesses are struggling today because they have marketers who lacked needed skills and expertise to make an impact in their marketing. Your markers should be professionals and not mere amateurs to help you in search engine optimization. They should not use their intuition to know where to invest or market your brands, but rather they should have enough data to know what to do to get optimal results. In reporting, you don’t have to be complicated. Instead, identifying relevant SEO metrics and KPIs is enough to show your performance

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Integrate SEO data across teams

Working as a team in content marketing yields better results than when a team works on its own. When more than one SEO team work together, they share ideas, expertise, and knowledge making it very easy for them to realize huge improvements. It is very easy for a team to brainstorm and have a solution or a suggestion they can incorporate in organic searching.

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Ideally, as the saying goes that life is a journey and not a destination, SEO is a journey too. It is very hard to understand SEO in a day, and hence it needs step wise development over time while paying keen attention to areas that will make your site better. Therefore, SEO should be part of your website for life to continuously improve your brand while still creating a better experience for your users.

In SEO, you can either do it yourself or hire an SEO company to offer you the services. DIY is relatively cheap and very convenient for new users who are starting their new websites. New websites do not have a lot of maintenance needs, and hence it is very easy to run them yourself. However, if you want to get your website off the ground, expand your business by experiencing high sales and conversions, it is advisable to have an SEO company helping you. These companies have trained professionals who focus on driving traffic to your site, make your site user-friendly, provide adequate content and create plans for of action for your specific market. These professionals have a lot of knowledge, skills, and expertise on SEO you can never learn from books!

What Exactly Is SEO?


The acronym that is popularized as SEO stands for the words search engine optimization. It is within this confine that webmasters and marketers work towards improving search engine rankings. Search engines like Google utilize web crawlers that only pay attention to pages that are relevant, authoritative, unique, and are under the confines of what they deem compliant to the standards of SEO. The authority and relevance of these pages are determined by many elements of optimization, including backlinks from other pages, and keywords placed within the content of a site’s code and website.

What Goes Into Factoring Good SEO?

To fully comprehend the elements of good SEO, you’re going to need to look at several different components. They include the following pieces.

Origin of Traffic

The first significant element is where traffic is coming from. Traffic may hit a site from anywhere in the world, and Google looks to find where exactly they came from. That includes whether or not the hits a page receives are unique, or whether they are robotic in nature. Are they farmed out, paid for, or the result of advertising and organic search? These are questions that are answered by Google’s search console and others.

Number of Hits

The quantity of hits that a site gets is measured to ensure that ranking moves up depending on relevance, and popularity. Traffic numbers exponentially rise if you have different traffic hitting the page. This means “real” people are visiting via search, ads, and direct URL entries.

Direct Keyword Search

This is sometimes referred to as organic results. This is where a user will search for keywords and relevant information about a site and then click through via the results Google and others give. Organic results that direct in click through numbers that rise exponentially over time push sites to the top of search results.

How Does A Site Get Indexed in Google?

The easiest way to get ranked in Google across several pages is to publish great, unique, SEO influenced content. Content that is used in reference across other pages, forming back links, and information that answers direct questions are picked up and indexed by Google fast. The more interesting and unique the content, the more influence you’ll get over time.

How Does A Site Get Ranked In Google?

Search engines like Google, rank their pages based on several elements. They look at content, backlinks, social media, duplicate pages, length, and speed of site load. They also check on up to 400 other elements that they do not release to the public. The Google SERP algorithm is a trade secret, and it is frequently updated so that no one can “cheat” the system and get to the top spot for rankings in competitive markets.

The Simplest Guide To Getting Better Search Results

If you’re looking to get better search results from Google, and you are not going to try and cheat the system, there’s a formula to it.

Create Good Content

The first thing to do is simple, create good content. Address problems and answer questions with keyword rich articles and information.

Share Your Content and Encourage Others

After you publish anything, make sure that you encourage others to share, like, comment, and interact with the information you’re putting up. Use social media links on your page and make sure that it’s “easy” to share your content.

Repetition Is Your Friend

Keep publishing good content, and don’t give up. SEO is a marathon with no end. Many marketers don’t realize that and end up posting too little content and giving up. Sometimes it takes upwards of 18 months to see an impact, but when that happens, you’ll see a deluge of traffic hit your page, no doubt.

Remember, search engine optimization aka SEO is a simple activity in theory. If you want to get found in search engines, you don’t have to over-complicate it. You just must be consistent. It takes the time to build a portfolio of authority content, and it takes a time to get to the number one spot in any industry. It is not impossible; it just takes diligence.

Don’t believe what many companies say about SEO. Many companies try to make money with this process, and could very well pull thousands of dollars from you. They may even tell you that you need to “trick” Google into letting you into their top results. That’s not true. Don’t be fooled. There’s a specific way to comply with search engines, and gain their favor, that is not part of black hat tactics.

How Does One Get Backlinks?

Aside from the content above elements, you may need to get backlinks. These are like letters of recommendation. Building links can be simplified if you publish quality content, that is keyword rich and focuses on SEO. If you have good content, people will find you as they search for answers to their questions, and this will snowball in time.


There is an adage that is floating around online that says; content is king. This is an absolute statement about SEO. If you can build quality content, you will not only see an incredible increase in traffic but also influence. Test this theory, and you will see your pages get slammed with a ton of traffic, in time.

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