What Exactly Is SEO?


The acronym that is popularized as SEO stands for the words search engine optimization. It is within this confine that webmasters and marketers work towards improving search engine rankings. Search engines like Google utilize web crawlers that only pay attention to pages that are relevant, authoritative, unique, and are under the confines of what they deem compliant to the standards of SEO. The authority and relevance of these pages are determined by many elements of optimization, including backlinks from other pages, and keywords placed within the content of a site’s code and website.

What Goes Into Factoring Good SEO?

To fully comprehend the elements of good SEO, you’re going to need to look at several different components. They include the following pieces.

Origin of Traffic

The first significant element is where traffic is coming from. Traffic may hit a site from anywhere in the world, and Google looks to find where exactly they came from. That includes whether or not the hits a page receives are unique, or whether they are robotic in nature. Are they farmed out, paid for, or the result of advertising and organic search? These are questions that are answered by Google’s search console and others.

Number of Hits

The quantity of hits that a site gets is measured to ensure that ranking moves up depending on relevance, and popularity. Traffic numbers exponentially rise if you have different traffic hitting the page. This means “real” people are visiting via search, ads, and direct URL entries.

Direct Keyword Search

This is sometimes referred to as organic results. This is where a user will search for keywords and relevant information about a site and then click through via the results Google and others give. Organic results that direct in click through numbers that rise exponentially over time push sites to the top of search results.

How Does A Site Get Indexed in Google?

The easiest way to get ranked in Google across several pages is to publish great, unique, SEO influenced content. Content that is used in reference across other pages, forming back links, and information that answers direct questions are picked up and indexed by Google fast. The more interesting and unique the content, the more influence you’ll get over time.

How Does A Site Get Ranked In Google?

Search engines like Google, rank their pages based on several elements. They look at content, backlinks, social media, duplicate pages, length, and speed of site load. They also check on up to 400 other elements that they do not release to the public. The Google SERP algorithm is a trade secret, and it is frequently updated so that no one can “cheat” the system and get to the top spot for rankings in competitive markets.

The Simplest Guide To Getting Better Search Results

If you’re looking to get better search results from Google, and you are not going to try and cheat the system, there’s a formula to it.

Create Good Content

The first thing to do is simple, create good content. Address problems and answer questions with keyword rich articles and information.

Share Your Content and Encourage Others

After you publish anything, make sure that you encourage others to share, like, comment, and interact with the information you’re putting up. Use social media links on your page and make sure that it’s “easy” to share your content.

Repetition Is Your Friend

Keep publishing good content, and don’t give up. SEO is a marathon with no end. Many marketers don’t realize that and end up posting too little content and giving up. Sometimes it takes upwards of 18 months to see an impact, but when that happens, you’ll see a deluge of traffic hit your page, no doubt.

Remember, search engine optimization aka SEO is a simple activity in theory. If you want to get found in search engines, you don’t have to over-complicate it. You just must be consistent. It takes the time to build a portfolio of authority content, and it takes a time to get to the number one spot in any industry. It is not impossible; it just takes diligence.

Don’t believe what many companies say about SEO. Many companies try to make money with this process, and could very well pull thousands of dollars from you. They may even tell you that you need to “trick” Google into letting you into their top results. That’s not true. Don’t be fooled. There’s a specific way to comply with search engines, and gain their favor, that is not part of black hat tactics.

How Does One Get Backlinks?

Aside from the content above elements, you may need to get backlinks. These are like letters of recommendation. Building links can be simplified if you publish quality content, that is keyword rich and focuses on SEO. If you have good content, people will find you as they search for answers to their questions, and this will snowball in time.


There is an adage that is floating around online that says; content is king. This is an absolute statement about SEO. If you can build quality content, you will not only see an incredible increase in traffic but also influence. Test this theory, and you will see your pages get slammed with a ton of traffic, in time.

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